Leader Network Diagnostic

The LND – The Network Tool that Cool People Use (and some not so cool people)

  I’m back! I know you all have missed me ever so much. However, I wasn’t just sitting around reading spy novels: I was hard at work. (Ok, maybe I read a few). So, what have I been doing in the interim? I’m so glad you asked. Alright – I know –it’s taken me a […]

Accelerate change

Networks are the Key to Accelerate Change – A Reading from the Gospel of Kotter

Finally the long-standing traditional leadership guru embraces networks! Woot! So, I don’t normally do book reviews (I have done 1 other) … but this one was begging me to do it. Plus, my colleague David Dinwoodie loved the book and told me I had to read it since it was about networks, so I felt […]

Womens networks

Network Patterns
Why Women’s Networks Aren’t as Useful as Men’s (and what’s up with that?!)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the prestigious BMLI-WICT leadership program – one of the most extensive and long-standing women’s leadership programs in the US, for one of the toughest market sectors the cable industry. My colleague and I, Kristin Cullen, laid out the big differences between women and men when it comes […]

Leaders network whitepaper

The Long Awaited Posting of My Glorious 2013 Whitepaper ‘A Leader’s Network’

Ok, this is a long time coming, but I am finally getting around to posting the white paper I wrote this year. Interestingly, this paper originated from the blog posts I did on this site – starting with Leadership Networks: One Size Does Not Fit All This definitely speaks to the great power of writing […]

Creating Contained Chaos: Interview with author Ori Brafman

For 5 years I was the director of Social Network Analysis (SNA) at a university inside the intelligence community teaching students how to better identify influencers inside terrorist, smuggling, and organized-crime networks (to see some ideas about how to indentify influncers inside org network check out my previous post Make Leaders Contagious). One of the […]

Introverts versus Extroverts

Extroversion ≠ Great Network: The fallacy of personality and networking

Does a extroverted personality create a better network? In this video I debunk one of the most common myths of effective networking with my colleague and friend Nick Petrie: that extroverted and social individuals create better more effective networks. One key point is that extroversion is correlated with networking intensity, but networking intensity (reaching out […]

How to Read Your LinkedIn Network

Recently I have been getting tons of requests about how to map and make sense of online networks – in addition to my work on how to map and analyze as offline line networks. So I thought I would create a series of blog posts on How to Read my (linkedin, facebook, twitter, gmail, fill […]

Tipping Point vs. Peer Influence: Infographic

Recently I posted a blog on the truth behind Super Influencers (basically, the idea of Super Influencers in social networks is dead wrong). I’ve been surprised by the reaction to this post – it’s received more twitter traction than any other post I’ve ever did (which btw, isn’t saying much). Anyways, I found this cool […]

There Are No Super Influencers: The Reality about Influencers from the world of Network Science

The influence of influencers is overhyped. We all want to believe that there are these super-hero influencers that can make dramatic changes to organizations, countries, and societies. The idea has been spread in pop-culture in books like Malcolm Gladwell’s the Tipping Point. Recent developments in Network Science have shown that our understanding of influencers – […]

Network Patterns
3 Key Network Principles in about 3 Minutes

There have a lot of requests recently to find new ways to get at this content related to networks and leadership. A couple of us at CCL have been working on short videos as a way to briefly give an overview of some key principles (check out CCL’s youtube page and also my buddy Nick […]

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