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Creating Contained Chaos: Interview with author Ori Brafman

For 5 years I was the director of Social Network Analysis (SNA) at a university inside the intelligence community teaching students how to better identify influencers inside terrorist, smuggling, and organized-crime networks (to see some ideas about how to indentify influncers inside org network check out my previous post Make Leaders Contagious). One of the […]

Tipping Point vs. Peer Influence: Infographic

Recently I posted a blog on the truth behind Super Influencers (basically, the idea of Super Influencers in social networks is dead wrong). I’ve been surprised by the reaction to this post – it’s received more twitter traction than any other post I’ve ever did (which btw, isn’t saying much). Anyways, I found this cool […]

There Are No Super Influencers: The Reality about Influencers from the world of Network Science

The influence of influencers is overhyped. We all want to believe that there are these super-hero influencers that can make dramatic changes to organizations, countries, and societies. The idea has been spread in pop-culture in books like Malcolm Gladwell’s the Tipping Point. Recent developments in Network Science have shown that our understanding of influencers – […]