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Leader Network Diagnostic

The LND – The Network Tool that Cool People Use (and some not so cool people)

  I’m back! I know you all have missed me ever so much. However, I wasn’t just sitting around reading spy novels: I was hard at work. (Ok, maybe I read a few). So, what have I been doing in the interim? I’m so glad you asked. Alright – I know –it’s taken me a […]

Womens networks

Network Patterns
Why Women’s Networks Aren’t as Useful as Men’s (and what’s up with that?!)

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at the prestigious BMLI-WICT leadership program – one of the most extensive and long-standing women’s leadership programs in the US, for one of the toughest market sectors the cable industry. My colleague and I, Kristin Cullen, laid out the big differences between women and men when it comes […]

Why Relationships Fail Leaders

Most leaders are network blind: They can’t see how to create an effective network, maintain its quality, or leverage it appropriately. Sure, many of them understand the importance of a network, but they don’t really know how to put good networking skills into practice. As my good friend Jay Allen says, “Leaders don’t know how […]

You aren't that special unless all your friends are too …

The real value individuals bring to team is their external relationships. A team can no longer act alone, siloed, without any input and influence from its members’ networks. This is not just a team shift or even an organizational shift, but a societal movement. We are in the age of networked individualism, where the value […]