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Introverts versus Extroverts

Extroversion ≠ Great Network: The fallacy of personality and networking

Does a extroverted personality create a better network? In this video I debunk one of the most common myths of effective networking with my colleague and friend Nick Petrie: that extroverted and social individuals create better more effective networks. One key point is that extroversion is correlated with networking intensity, but networking intensity (reaching out to multiple people multiple times) does not correlate with effective use or structure of a network. Another key point is that as a manager or leader your network is shaped more by the forces in your organization than in  your personal preferences for building networks. For more fallacies about building an effective network check out Why Relationships Fail Leaders


Here are the academic articles I talked about in the video:

Predictors and outcomes of networking intensity among unemployed job seekers.

The social networks of high and low self-monitors: Implications for workplace performance

Personality correlates of structural holes

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