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Tipping Point vs. Peer Influence: Infographic

Recently I posted a blog on the truth behind Super Influencers (basically, the idea of Super Influencers in social networks is dead wrong). I’ve been surprised by the reaction to this post – it’s received more twitter traction than any other post I’ve ever did (which btw, isn’t saying much).

Anyways, I found this cool infrographic that really backs up my post so I decided to share it with everyone. I find it to be both insightful and humorous as it compares the Malcolm Gladwell Super Influencer mindset to Duncan Watts research on Peer Influence. Check it out and let me know what you think.

gladwell vs. watts on influence

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  1. I’ve added your blog to a site where I point to ideas like this and where I recruit people to help with building a network of people who work to help volunteer-based youth serving organizations reach k-12 kids in more inner city neighborhoods.

    I’d like to see the growth of communities of practice, including data scientists and network mappers, who do the work of network building and resource mobilization, and who do maps that show the growth of the network over time. In shore, turn the generic information into actual case histories showing the ideas applied in social sector problem solving.

    I’m sure people already do this, so finding them and building web libraries that point to the work each do is one of basic steps of building the network.

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