Phil Willburn – Networked Leadership


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Here are some of my favorites – or at least the ones I’m less embarrassed about – ha!

Hierarchy vs. Relationships – A Network Perspective

This is a research spotlight on taking a network perspective in organizations and looking at what is most important to influence people: Hierarchy or Relationships.

The Truth Behind Networks & Personality

Does an extroverted personality create a better network? In this video I debunk one of the most common myths of effective networking: that extroverted and social individuals create better more effective networks.

3 Key Network Principles of High Performing Leaders

I talk briefly about the three key principles behind leaders with effective networks and describe the most common network traps high-potential leaders face.

Leadership Development Through Networks (the IN OF AS Model)

Kristin Cullen, CCL’s research lead on networks, describes how we can use network analysis in leadership development for three major purposes.

How to Take the Leadership Network Diagnostic

This a quick simple video on how to complete my Leadership Network Diagnostic tool.

Most Common Leadership Network Traps

This covers the most common network traps I see when people take the Leadership Network Diagnostic. They include: the Ever Present Manager; the Politician or Schemer; the Disconnected Expert or Biased Learner; the Best Friend Syndrome; the Surface Networker; and the Bottleneck

How to Make Simple yet Significant Changes to Your Leadership Network

This is the 3rd part in the videos series about how to diagnose your leadership network and make changes to it. There are 4 questions you should ask when making changes to your network.